All tins and boxes are packed with an assortment of cookies, chocolates and candied fruit.

Depending on size and shape of the container, you will get some or all of the following items.


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acorn shaped cookies with caramel walnut crowns


sandwiched butter cookies with raspberry jam filling and almond topping


walnut butter cookies rolled in confectioner’s sugar


crisp almond cookies sandwiched with chocolate


hazelnut cookies topped with half a hazelnut


sicilian butter cookies rolled in sesame seeds


a rich butter cookie topped with a pecan


chocolate butter cookies rolled in confectioner’s sugar


almond butter cookies with an almond sugar topping


anise flavored twists topped with sesame seeds


sugar cookies in holiday shapes


almond butter cookies dipped in chocolate and pistachios


Rum Pretzel

rum flavored butter cookies with a sugar and spice topping.


venetian cornmeal cookies with raisins and pignoli nuts


Almond meringue cookie striped with chocolate




crunchy almond filling dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in almonds


rum flavored ganache, dipped in bittersweet chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder


mint flavored white chocolate ganache, molded in bittersweet chocolate


orange flavored white chocolate ganache dipped in bittersweet chocolate and rolled in pistachios


orange flavored caramels with chopped almonds dipped in milk chocolate


molded bittersweet chocolate filled with caramel



milk chocolate shell filled with walnut ganache, sealed with bittersweet chocolate and a walnut half.


Coconut sticks

sweet coconut filling dipped in bittersweet chocolate and rolled in coconut.





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